Landmark Mission Projects (L.A. M. P.) 

Landmark Mission Projects (L.A.M.P.) was started in 1979 by Dr. Leonard Brown, Dr. Don Davis, and Dr. Young Houston. God brought these three together to record preachers teaching the word of God to video tapes. Then these VHS tapes were duplicated and sent to missionaries and pastors around the World to establish Bible Institutes to train men/women in the word of God. Today it is reaching and teaching Christians all around the World. L.A.M.P. is a local Church Ministry that is dedicated to training national pastors and missionaries around the world. It’s outreach around the world is extensive. L.A.M.P. currently has 556 Bible Institutes in 67 countries

The L.A.M.P. offices are located at the Landmark Baptist Church facility.

To contact L. A. M. P. please call 817.222.1155 or click the following link to go to the L.A.M.P. Website




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