Rena Green Memorial Childrens Home


Rena Green Memorial Children’s Home
Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Children’s home is authorized by
Landmark Baptist Church of Fort Worth, TX

The children are well and very happy living at Rena Green Memorial Children’s Home. Beside their regular school day, they are taught how to use the computer and basic English. Also each child is taught responsibility by helping to keep the Children’s Home and the yard clean each day.

The boys are taught to cook food for themselves on the weekend. Each couple takes turns in teaching the boys how to cook. They are enjoying learning.

Every night before the Children go to bed, they sing Hymns, quote the 10 Commandments and pray together. They take turns as the leaders for prayer time each night. (Check out Photo Gallery below)

Thank you for your support for the Children. May God richly bless you.

Pray for us as we also do for you.

The Children & The Greens
From Chiang Mai, Thailand




The Rena Green Memorial Children’s Home
311/43 Moo #11
T. Sanna Meng
A. San Sai, Chiang Mai
Thailand 50210




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