Dr. Nkhoma and Dr. Factory

7Dr. Nkhoma and Dr. Factory, were been trained by Dr. Mwase when he passed away. They are faithful servants and live and work in Ntaja. Dr. Nakhoma is pastor of the Bread of Life  Landmark Baptist Church. Dr. Factory and he work together in both the church, the Seminary Extension and 20 other mission churches.

The areas they travel to do their mission work is not always easy to reach, but this does not stop these two men from continuing on bringing God’s word those in need, where ever they may be.

Nkhoma-Factory motorcycle  Nkhoma-Factory walking

[The photo above, on the left is Dr. Nkhoma (Dr. Factory is taking the photo) crossing a walk bridge after the floods in Malawi and Mozambique in order to reach one of their churches. On the right is a photo of where they had reached a point where they could not travel on their motorcycles so they bravely continued on through the flooded area on foot to reach the church and preach the word.]

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